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Start a virtualization node

If you have a computer or virual machine and global IPv4-address, you can launch your own node.

All you need is setup your environment to run virtualization.

We use a Open Virtualization Stack:

  1. GNU/Linux distro (we use Umvirt Linux From Scratch 0.1 amd64),
  2. QEMU (target: x86_64),
  3. Libvirt,
  4. virt-manager

Also you have to install this stack and uvmm-agent. No firewall configuration is needed.

After agent installation contact with us to get node account, configure agent and launch loop file in console.

If everything is Ok your node will apear in Virtualization Nodes List.

FDD & ODD images

You have to provide your own collection of FDD & ODD images. We recomend to use open-source operating systems.

Security customizations

In order to prevent damage third-party resources by virtual machine client from your IP-adress, you can isolate your libvirt default network.

You can run virtualization node in virtual machine (Nested virtualization) to protect your infrastructure.

Performance customization

In order to achieve better virtualization performance enable kvm-acceleration and activate nested virtualization if needed.