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Welcome to Umvirt VM pool. Due to this service you can rent a remote Virtual Machines anonymously and for free.

What is Virtual Machine?

Virtual Machine is virtual computer which not exists in real world as physical entity but exist as virtual one.

There is no magic, just tecnologies. Modern operating systems are run multiple programs simultaneously. Proccessor run code portions from each programm sequentaly one by one. Because context switching occurs many times in second, a user can think that programs are runs simultaneously.

There are programs which can emulate computers that called emulators. Emulators uses software and hardware resources to create a virtual environments in addition to physical one. This virtual environments are virtual machines.

Virtualization is process of running Virtual Machines.

Virtualization can be used for:

  1. Running legacy software & games
  2. Studying software and hardware
  3. Writing and testing a code
  4. Give a rent a portion of resources
  5. Perform security policies
  6. Reducing a security riscs
  7. Reducing a financial costs

Modern virtualization technologies is allows remote access. So you can run local and use remote Virtual Machines.

Which Virtual Machine i can rent?

Currently we offer a temporary Virtual Machines without Hard Disk Drive (HDD) but with Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) and Optical Disk Drive (ODD).

Internet access is also disabled.

Remote access to Virtual Machines can be performed by VNC and SPICE protocols.

What can i do with Virtual Machine rented on Umvirt VM pool?

Currently Virtual Machines rented on Umvirt VM pool can be used to:

  1. boot live disk images
  2. run sofware and games on live disk images
  3. check remote desktop clients
  4. check virtualization performance

How to rent a Virtual Machine?

  1. Select a virtualization node
  2. Set a Virtual Machine settings in a reservation form
  3. Send a reservation form
  4. After few seconds Virtual Machine will become ready